Music teacher assaults 10 year old girl with ADHD in Nonthaburi school

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A 50 year old father filed a complaint against a music teacher for physically abusing his 10 year old daughter, a fourth-grade student, in a school located in Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province. The little girl was allegedly slapped and kicked, leaving a shoe print on the back of her shirt and suffering from physical pain.

The father, Pongsak, said that the incident occurred on May 31, when his daughter, nicknamed Kitty, who has a short attention span, returned from school. He noticed her unusual behaviour as she appeared depressed and unwilling to speak. Upon inspecting her shirt, Pongsak found a large shoe print on the back. When questioned, Kitty revealed that music teacher Art caused her injuries, forcing Pongsak to take her to Chaloem Phra Kiat Pak Kret Hospital for medical assistance. The doctor confirmed that the girl’s muscles were inflamed. Pongsak is determined to file a police report with Pak Kret Police Station to take legal action against the teacher.

Kitty disclosed that on the day of the incident, she was in class with her friends when teacher Art walked in and ordered her to stand up from her seat. As she was slow to respond, the agitated teacher slapped her left ear five times, leaving her in pain. He then pulled her up from her desk and kicked her in the back, causing her to fall onto the classroom floor. Her classmates wanted to help, but teacher Art screamed at them not to intervene, gesturing to his hand and threatening…

“Look at my hand, look at my hand! If anyone is defiant, they will face this hand.”

teacher abuse
Image courtesy of Sanook

Presently, Kitty is too scared to go to school, fearing further abuse from the teacher, particularly on Wednesdays when Art teaches Thai music. She has decided not to attend school on these days, reported Sanook.

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