Motorcyclist dies in fatal Bangkok bus collision: Police files charges against bus driver

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A motorcyclist suffered a fatal accident after a sudden lane change led to a full-on collision with a Bangkok bus in the early hours of yesterday. The incident prompted an immediate investigation by officers from the Lat Phrao Police Station.

In a residential area within Lat Phrao 101, the dispatch reported a collision between a city bus and a motorcycle, resulting in injuries. Upon reaching the scene, alongside Ruamkatanyu Foundation officials, officers found the city bus parked in the median strip involved in the accident.

The bus in question, coloured cream and red, a number 36 route, is a special service for employees bearing the registration 12-0667 of Bangkok. Just beneath it lay a Honda Wave motorcycle without a license plate. A short distance away, lay the motorcycle’s driver, 51 year old Manop (surname withheld), who was found breathing heavily.

In the face of the grim situation, officials attempted to resuscitate Manop, but alas, their efforts were in vain. Manop succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter.

Upon interviewing the bus driver, he recounted that just before the incident, he had left the Huai Khwang bus depot and was en route to his destination along the accident’s path. The sudden change of lanes by the motorcyclist caught him off guard, leaving him with no time to brake, resulting in a fatal collision. After parking the bus and seeing the injured driver breathing heavily, he immediately alerted the police.

Preliminary charges have been filed against the bus driver for reckless driving, causing another’s death. Following this, Manop’s body was handed over to the officials of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation for post-mortem proceedings at Police General Hospital.

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