Tragic Nong Chak motorcycle accident claims life in rear-end collision

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A tragic motorcycle accident unfolded today (February 2) on the Nong Chak-Phanat Nikhom road when a motorcyclist collided with the rear of a water truck and was killed instantly. The motorcyclist, identified as Phanuphong, was found dead at the scene, with his Yamaha MT-15 bike lying in a wreck nearby.

Upon receiving the distress call, Police Lieutenant Channakan Duan Kham, the deputy investigator at Phanat Nikhom Police Station, swiftly arrived at the scene with the Sawang Het Thung Hiang rescue team. They discovered a chaotic scene: Phanuphong’s lifeless body was on the ground, his head bearing severe injuries and his face covered with a mask.

The 47 year old water truck driver, Anurak, had its right rear lights shattered from the impact. Anurak recounted that he was delivering water from the factory to customers’ homes and was driving in the left lane when the motorcycle, which had been speeding in the right lane, attempted to overtake another truck. In doing so, it veered into the left lane and crashed into the back of Anurak’s vehicle, resulting in Phanuphong’s immediate death, reported KhaoSod.

The police are now conducting a thorough investigation, which includes reviewing CCTV footage from the area to determine the exact circumstances of the collision. This will inform the legal proceedings that are to follow.

In related news, in the early hours in Bangkok, a fatal motorcycle accident unfolded on Kanjanapisek Road, claiming the life of a 17 year old identified as Nat. The pursuit, stemming from a prior dispute, involved a group of five motorcycles pursuing another rider.

The pursued motorcycle lost control, mounting the footpath, triggering a chain reaction. Nat’s motorcycle collided violently with a garbage truck, resulting in a fatal head injury. Emergency teams, police, and forensic experts responded to the scene.

The injured were rushed to Mitrapap Hospital. CCTV footage is under scrutiny to reconstruct events, and the pursuit of the responsible parties is ongoing.

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