Motorcycle taxis & app-based riders fight over passengers

An ongoing row over passengers between motorcycle taxi riders and app-based riders erupted into a brawl on Sunday on Soi Ratchada 18 in Bangkok.

One motorcycle taxi rider demanded that the app-based riders give them more respect and stop random pickups on the street when motorcycle taxi services are nearby.

The first fight started last Sunday, September 18. One motorcycle taxi rider recorded a video of the incident, which was later circulated on Thai social media.

In the video, an app-based rider is seen waiting for his passenger in front of a condominium. He is then approached by a motorcycle taxi rider who threatened him and told him to avoid the area.

The motorcycle taxi rider said…

“You should give us some respect, you know?”

The rider responded angrily…

“What do you want from me? Want a slap? Are you buying this area?”

They then shouted at each other before exchanging punches.

Another man from a motorcycle taxi group went to assist his friend attack the app-based rider. They finally stopped when someone shouted “police!”

But the story didn’t end on that day.

The app-based rider came back the following day, September 19, with about 10 friends, and attacked the motorcycle taxi rider, later identified as 57 year old Saksit Kanlayarong.

Saksit’s left arm and right leg were cut and he suffered other wounds and bruises to his body after being attacked by a knife and a baseball bat. He said he had to flee into the forest to save his life.

Another motorcycle taxi rider, 25 year old Saharat, who tried to intervene was attacked too.

Saharat revealed he was eventually saved by a pack of barking dogs and some other motorcycle taxi riders, who chased the thugs away.

Saharat said the attack went too far and both motorcycle taxi riders should try to understand each other in the future.

Saksit and Saharat filed complaints at Sutthisarn Police Station and gave statements this morning.

The identities of the app-based rider and his friends haven’t been reported as the investigation continues.

SOURCE: Thairath | Khaosod | Channel 3

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