Monitor lizard sparks electricity office chaos in Thailand

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A large monitor lizard caused quite a stir when it wandered into the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) office in Sara Buri, Thailand. The unexpected visitor prompted a call for assistance from rescue volunteers to safely capture and relocate the creature.

This morning, security officers at the PEA office in Sara Buri’s Pak Phriao sub-district reported spotting the sizeable reptile, weighing approximately 30 kilogrammes, near a Toyota pickup truck parked on the premises.

Concerned for the safety of both the animal and the staff, the security team reached out to volunteers from the Sawang Rattanatrai Thammasathan Sara Buri Rescue Foundation.

Rescue workers arrived quickly at the scene to find the monitor lizard hissing and hiding under the Toyota truck.

The team initially attempted to loop a rope around the lizard’s neck to secure it but the robust animal managed to escape, darting under another vehicle, a white Isuzu pickup truck.

Despite the challenging situation, the rescuers were determined to capture the lizard safely.

Brave pursuit

One of the rescue team members, wearing a motorcycle taxi jacket, bravely pursued the lizard. The team used a combination of tactics, including grabbing its tail and using a rope loop, to finally secure the animal.

They then blindfolded the lizard and tied it securely before loading it onto the back of a rescue motorcycle, for transportation.

The goal was to release the monitor lizard back into its natural habitat, ensuring it would not pose any further disturbance to the urban area.

A security officer at the PEA office, 61 year old Som Chiangkam described the initial encounter. While sitting at his post, he noticed the lizard approaching the parked vehicles.

Despite his efforts to catch it, the lizard’s large size made it difficult to handle, prompting him to call for professional help.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a large monitor lizard here,

“I wonder if it came to pay its electricity bill because its house got disconnected.”

The swift and professional response from the rescue volunteers ensured that the monitor lizard was safely relocated, preventing any potential harm to both the animal and the local community, reported Khaosod.

Encounters with wildlife in urban areas are not uncommon in Thailand, where rapid urbanisation sometimes leads to animals wandering into human spaces in search of food or shelter, serving as a reminder of the importance of coexistence and the need for readiness to handle such situations humanely and efficiently.

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