Miss Universe Thailand contestants promote cultural tourism in Udon Thani

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Several Miss Universe Thailand beauty pageant contestants visited a number of sacred sites in Udon Thani where they were warmly received by locals. The group took part in several traditional rituals as a gesture of respect and homage.

The beauty pageant contestants participating in Miss Universe Thailand 2023 yesterday morning visited Wat Si Dara in Na Chum Saeng, Thung Fon, and Udon Thani. The visit aimed to promote cultural tourism and contribute to the province’s creative economy. The warm welcome extended by the villagers included traditional dances to mark the occasion.

The Miss Universe Thailand contestants later paid respects to a 131 metres long serpent sculpture at the temple, followed by a Bai Si ritual, a northeastern Thai ceremony asking for blessings and good fortune. Their tour then continued to Om Rudee Park, Ban Dung district, Udon Thani, where they paid their respects to the Chaopu-Hor Kam statue on the island of Kam Chanot.

At Kam Chanot Island, the contestants were welcomed by the local community leaders. Love and blessings were sought from the revered spirits, Father Poo Srisutho and Mother Ya Surap Thumma. The island’s management had prepared a Bai Si ceremony for the contestants, in which a spiritual leader led the participants in asking for fortune and prosperity.

Some of the visitors also joined a local lottery game, hoping to win the rewards offered by the revered spirits. As the ceremony concluded, one contestant experienced unusual sensations in her right arm, which she believed to be a sign from the spirits. The lottery numbers obtained during the ceremony included 97, 79, 784, and 487, potentially bringing good fortune to the contestants in the upcoming pageant competition.

Visiting these sacred sites, the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 contestants not only sought blessings for their personal endeavours but contributed to the promotion of cultural tourism in Udon Thani province.

In the province of Udon Thani, there are Naga rituals that have been believed for a long time. Read about the mysterious thing that happened at the Poo Srisuttho Shrine in Udon Thani when worshippers saw strange markings on sacred candles and a gecko that seemed to be dead came back to life HERE.

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