MFP MP Suphanat makes recommendations to improvements at Mo Chit 2

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Move Forward Party (MFP) MP for Bangkok District 9 Suphanat Minchainan made recommendations for improving the escalators and lifts at Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal.

Suphanat suggested that the deputy minister of transport and executives should listen to service users in terms of the issues that have arisen regarding the station and that they shouldn’t rely on their judgment. He stated that improvement works to the escalators and lifts are necessary at the Bangkok Bus Terminal or Mo Chit 2 after the MP had inspected and found many problems in operations during the new year holiday, Suphanat said.

“Escalators, if well-built, should be able to carry weight smoothly. Overcrowding shouldn’t be an issue or cause overweighing as those in department stores or subways function fine with the same flow of users.”

Suphanat added that the location of the elevators was not convenient for passengers so they are not well-used.

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“People who come to the station get off in front of the building. For those travelling to the northeast, passengers have to carry their luggage and belongings up the stairs to the third floor to get to the ticket office because in order to reach the elevator, people have to go into the building where the ticket office is to get to the elevator. The location of the elevator is more for employees than passengers.”

Suphanat had recommended options for improving the escalators at Mo Chit 2 Station to the two deputy ministers of transport and the deputy managing director of transport company limited. He suggested combining the third and first floors because there is a large space on the first floor of the passenger terminal. The ticket offices for the northeast, north and central regions could be combined and located on the same floor, reported Channel 7 News.

Consolidating the two floors will help reduce costs for ease of management or OPEX (Operational Expenditures) and maintenance costs. It would also reduce the cost of purchasing or maintaining buildings or CAPEX (Capital Expenditures). The platform could be improved with air conditioning and passengers wouldn’t have to breathe in smoke.

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