Man arrested in Phetchaburi after killing wife in drunken rage

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A man in Phetchaburi has been arrested after allegedly killing his wife in a drunken rage. The incident took place yesterday, June 26, at a townhouse on Khlong Thian Road in Cha-am, after he reportedly became furious when his wife refused to give him money for alcohol.

The police were alerted to the scene at approximately 11.30pm yesterday. Upon arriving, they found the house locked from the inside. They had to call the landlord to gain access to the property.

They found the lifeless body of 54 year old Kittinan in the kitchen. Her hands were tied with an electric cord, and she had severe injuries to her head and face, which were inflicted with an iron and several broken bottles of alcohol scattered around her.

The suspect, identified as 49 year old Prasit Chok, was found in a state of undress and heavily intoxicated. He refused to open the door for the officers, necessitating the involvement of the landlord to unlock the door. Prasit was immediately taken into custody and transported to Cha-am Police Station.

According to the victim’s daughter, Sirinya, she had urged her mother to leave Prasit numerous times due to his alcohol dependency and refusal to work. Their relationship had caused significant tension between Sirinya and her mother, leading to a severe argument about a year ago. They had not been in contact since then, and she was devastated to learn of her mother’s fate.

“I wanted to help my mother but she chose to stay with him. I hope the police will ensure justice is served.”

Prasit has confessed to the murder, admitting that he struck his wife with an iron and several bottles after she refused to give him money to buy alcohol. He is now facing a murder charge.

The local police, led by Deputy Inspector Patcharawan Ritchai and Superintendent Somkiat Chomchai, with the investigation team and forensic experts from Cha-am Hospital, documented the scene and gathered evidence. Rescue workers from Sawang Sanphet Rescue also assisted at the scene.

Prasit is being held at the local police station, where he awaits further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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