Malaysian and Hong Kong actors visit Nakhon Pathom temple

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A group of Malaysian and Hong Kong actors, including former celebrities and businesspeople, visited Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom to seek blessings from Phra Kru Yati Thammanuyut, also known as Luang Pho Pae. They were particularly interested in receiving sacred tattoos on their hands, a practice believed to bring good fortune.

The visit took place yesterday at Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Chai Si, Nakhon Pathom. The group, consisting of about ten people, travelled together in a van to meet Luang Pho Pae, a well-known monk in the region. The monk is renowned among people from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia for his sacred hand tattoos that are said to bring luck and prosperity.

Upon their arrival, the actors and businesspeople, who are fond of spiritual practices in Thailand, were guided by a local tour guide. They expressed their wish to have sacred symbols inscribed on their hands. Luang Pho Pae directed them to first pay their respects to Phra Ngern Phra Thong, the principal Buddha image of the temple, and to use the holy water placed in front of the statue as part of the ritual.

Luang Pho Pae then used pink powder to inscribe the sacred symbols, invoking mantras as he did so. The process included each participant making their wishes. Among the group was a former famous Hong Kong actor known for his role in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, Henry Lo, who was introduced to Luang Pho Pae. The actor, dressed in a patterned shirt, participated in the ritual along with the others.

The event attracted locals who were eager to see the former actor. After the tattooing ceremony, Luang Pho Pae asked Lo to sing two songs from his movies, The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Bund, much to the delight of the crowd, who applauded enthusiastically.

Following the ritual, the group participated in a traditional Thai fortune-telling activity involving the selection of numbered eggs from a basket. Lo selected the number one, while his companions, Michael from Malaysia and another friend, picked numbers three and six respectively, forming the combination 136. Locals quickly took photos of the numbers, hoping to use them for lottery predictions.


Before departing, Lo bid farewell to Luang Pho Pae, who gave him a sacred powder amulet and a protective cloth. Luang Pho Pae blessed the group with holy water and wished them success in their endeavours. Lo, speaking through a translator, promised to return and make a significant donation to the temple if his wishes were fulfilled. He also mentioned that he would bring more friends who are interested in spiritual practices for a larger merit-making event, reported KhaoSod.

The group took photos with Luang Pho Pae and the sacred items to share with their friends and family, confirming their visit and the blessings they received.

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