High stakes: Illegal gambling operator busted in Pak Kret home

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Police have recently clamped down on a significant illegal online gambling operation in the affluent Pak Kret district, arresting one Thai gambler named Mongkol. The 46 year old’s arrest took place at a luxurious residence in the Bang Phlap sub-district of Nontha Buri province.

The operation unfolded today, as Major General Wacharat Sanngam, head of Provincial Police Region 1, along with Lieutenant Colonel Prathan Nanthakobkul, his deputy, led a team of specialised investigation officers to the scene.

Armed with a warrant issued by the Nontha Buri Provincial Court yesterday, the team successfully apprehended Mongkol, who was allegedly involved in the operation of the gambling website known as SPD Bet.

Throughout the raid, officers seized two mobile phones, a laptop, and access to the incriminated website.

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This bust was the culmination of an extended investigation that began in late February when links to Mongkol were discovered concerning another gambling website named PPD Bet. Thorough evidence collection led to the court-authorized warrant for his arrest.

The two-storey detached house where the operation took place held more than just evidence of gambling. A bedroom on the second floor had been converted into a drug-fuelled party room, complete with strobe lights, a large monitor, and paraphernalia consistent with drug use, specifically ketamine.

Even more disturbing was the discovery of a sign with the slogan “Let’s all focus on playing drugs,” setting a celebratory tone for substance abuse.

Financial investigations revealed that the bank accounts associated with the house saw transactions ranging between 2 and 3 million baht monthly.

While Mongkol admitted to owning the bank accounts, he denied involvement in the gambling website.

Following the arrest, the suspect was initially taken to the Chaiyapruek Police Station for processing and then transferred to the Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

This crackdown reflects the ongoing efforts by Thai authorities to combat illegal gambling and drug abuse, which often go hand in hand.

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