Lottery luck spooks home builder: Superstitious stir at mysterious milestone

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A lottery win has stirred unease among a landowner and the local community, as they prepare to develop a plot of land into a new home. A photo shared on Facebook depicted a conspicuous sign that read, “Please be aware, you can come and pray but do not leave garlands or offerings here. The owner of this plot is about to build a house here, and the owner is afraid.”

The image captured remnants of garlands and offerings left in prayer at a kilometre marker situated on the land earmarked for construction. This unusual sight has left both the landowner and the nearby residents deeply concerned.

The individual who posted the enigmatic image goes by the name Jirawong, a 34 year old owner of TJ Car Wash, located in Nong Phai, Phetchabun. Jirawong happens to be the older brother of 32 year old Jariya, who, along with her boyfriend, recently purchased the land to construct a home.

This particular piece of land is situated alongside a rural highway, Phetchabun 4029, at kilometre marker 10, along the Nong Phai-Koonthal route, in Nong Phai, Phetchabun. Suddenly, flowers, incense sticks, and various offerings appeared mysteriously around this kilometre marker, where Jariya plans to build her new house, leaving everyone unsettled.

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However, the mystery has since been unravelled by Jirawong Singhasopa, the elder brother of the landowner. He revealed that the kilometre marker is not associated with any haunting or supernatural occurrences. Instead, it was revealed that a resident, affectionately known as Uncle Nong, had struck the lottery using the very number displayed on the kilometre marker.

Uncle Nong recounted how, on that particular day, he had embarked on a journey to pray for blessings. As he made his way back home, he fervently prayed for a winning lottery number. When he came across the digits displayed on the kilometre marker, he decided to purchase a lottery ticket with the same number. To his astonishment, he emerged as the victor in that round of the lottery.

Upon learning of Uncle Nong’s incredible luck, locals began to visit the kilometre marker, bringing with them garlands, flowers, incense sticks, and candles, all in the hopes of praying for winning numbers, in accordance with their beliefs. It was conclusively established that the kilometre marker held no sinister or supernatural presence, as previously feared.

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Lottery luck spooks home builder: Superstitious stir at mysterious milestone | News by Thaiger

Jirawong, a 34 year old owner of TJ Car Wash located in Nong Phai, Phetchabun, poses with his sign.

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