Lottery tech troubles inspire AI system ‘numbers whisperer’ for smoother draws

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The Lottery Plus platform recently experienced a delay in the announcement of its lottery results, prompting the development of a new AI system that will read and listen to the numbers during the live prize announcements. This comes after the Government Lottery Office (GLO) explained that technical issues affected the Paotang app, a digital lottery outlet, during yesterday’s draw.

This technical glitch affected the announcement of digital lottery prizes, a new system being rolled out. Today, Knot Panthavat Nakavisut explained the situation via a Facebook post, stating the delay occurred as Lottery Plus pulled data from the GLO, causing a lag in the prize-checking system.

“Today, there was an error that caused our AI prize-checking system to lag. I apologise for this. The problem was that we usually pull data from the GLO for checking as it’s the most reliable. But today, it turned out that the GLO was also wrong, causing us to make the same mistake. For the next draw, I will develop our own prize-checking system to avoid this.”

Following the incident, Knot announced the creation of a new team to develop a second AI system. This AI will read and listen to the numbers during live prize announcements and feed them to the first AI (the prize-checking AI). Knot assures that the same mistake will not happen again. The new AI team is currently planning the project, reported KhaoSod.

In a further post, Knot apologised for the error and to compensate, he pledged to give a shirt to each of the winners in this draw as a token of his apology and affirmation that such an error will not recur.

A 52 year old man filed a police complaint after he bought 20 digital government lottery tickets through the Paotang app, which the system declared as non-winning despite winning results. Read more HERE.

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