Lisa of BLACKPINK meets Rihanna, fans anticipate collaboration

A historic moment captivated fans worldwide when Lisa of the globally renowned K-pop group BLACKPINK shared a photo with the legendary female artist turned into businesswoman Rihanna, sparking a wave of excitement across social media platforms.

This iconic meeting between two influential figures in the music industry became an instant sensation, leading fans to fervently wish for a collaboration between the two stars.

Recently, Lisa made a stunning solo debut at the Yellow Pieces Gala 2024, also known as Le Gala des Pieces Jaunes, marking the 35th anniversary of the event held in Paris, France. The charity concert, organized by the Fondation des Hopitaux, featured performances by other artists such as J Balvin, Maroon 5, Stray Kids, GIMS, Pharrell Williams, and Dj Snake. Lisa’s dazzling performance, where she showcased her exceptional talent and charisma, left the audience in awe.

Inside the event, legends of the music world were present, including Rihanna who attended the concert. Fans were thrilled, remembering when Lisa once danced to Rihanna’s hit Bitch Better Have My Money. On this occasion, Lisa performed her songs in front of Rihanna, eliciting pride and admiration from her supporters.

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The social media frenzy reached its peak when Lisa posted an intimate picture with Rihanna on her personal Instagram account, @lalalalisa_m. This encounter between two powerful women in the music scene is being heralded as a historic moment. The excitement among fans was palpable, with many expressing their hopes for a future collaboration between the two.

The image shared by Lisa, capturing this momentous occasion, has become a testament to the influence and reach of these artists. It serves as a reminder of the global impact and cultural significance that music and its icons hold, uniting fans across different backgrounds and regions in their shared admiration and enthusiasm for their favourite artists, reported KhaoSod.

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