Lawyer arrested for alleged rape and threats against female client

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A prominent lawyer and former parliamentary candidate was arrested yesterday for allegedly raping a female client and issuing multiple threats, leading to the victim’s severe emotional distress and a subsequent suicide attempt on a ship.

Police Major General Thiti Saengsawang directed the arrest, carried out by Police Major General Teeradet Thamsutee and his team, including officers from various investigative units.

The suspect, 34 year old Arm was apprehended in front of a house in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, following an arrest warrant dated May 3.

The victim was a 26 year old woman, who was on national news last year after her suicide attempt by jumping off the deck of the HTMS Chakri Naruebet, docked at Chuksamed Pier in Sattahip Naval Base.

She was rescued by Royal Thai Navy Petty Officer Daoloi Nathongchai and Private Kuhat Sun Samai, who witnessed the incident and intervened. Her rescue was widely shared on social media on November 23 last year.

“I was pushed to the brink of madness, beyond what any woman should endure. I saw no way out other than to end my life by jumping off that ship.”

Financial distress

According to the victim, her ordeal began in late 2022. Struggling with financial distress after failing to reclaim over 100,000 baht from a friend, she sought legal assistance.

She met the suspect, a well-known lawyer who agreed to handle her civil case.

As the case progressed, the lawyer ventured into politics, running for a parliamentary seat in Songkhla. Using this as a pretext, he allegedly lured the victim to Bangkok under the guise of a political meeting.

The victim recounted that she drove to a small hotel in Don Mueang, where the lawyer had arranged to meet. Once inside the room, he allegedly raped her.

Following the assault, he continued to contact her, threatening her to ensure she stayed silent. Despite her attempts to report the crime, she faced ongoing intimidation, both related to the case and other matters.

The suspect vehemently denied all allegations, claiming the encounter was consensual. Arm also revealed that he had filed counter-charges against the woman for extortion and false reporting.

Suspect denial

“I have also appealed to the National Anti-Corruption Commission regarding the conduct of the Don Mueng police investigators. As for her suicide attempt, I am neither aware of it nor sympathetic. People should look at the facts: if two people voluntarily enter a room together, it’s consensual.”

Following his arrest, the suspect was transferred to Don Mueng Police Station for legal proceedings.

Records show the lawyer has been previously prosecuted twice in 2023. One case involved trespassing in Thung Lung, Songkhla, and another, similar to the current allegations, involved rape and coercion in Don Mueang, reported Khaosod.

The victim’s allegations paint a harrowing picture of manipulation, abuse of power and a total disregard for anything but himself, highlighting a need for stringent legal measures to protect vulnerable individuals seeking justice.

As the case proceeds, the public’s focus remains on ensuring a fair trial and holding accountable those who exploit their positions of trust and authority.

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