Late night kitchen blaze claims three young lives in Phichit

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Three young lives were tragically lost to a fierce house fire that erupted late last night in Phichit province, with two others sustaining serious injuries. The blaze, which police and emergency services responded around 1.30am today, January 24, is believed to have begun in the kitchen of the two-story dwelling, according to a 14 year old survivor who reported hearing an explosion before the flames quickly spread.

The devastating incident occurred at a residence in the Wang Krot sub-district of Phichit, where a group of male youths, all relatives, had gathered for the night. The 14 year old, one of the survivors, recounted that the group had finished their evening meal between 10pm and 11pm and had gone to sleep upstairs. He awoke to the sound of an explosion from the kitchen and saw sparks igniting into a rapid inferno.

As the fire engulfed the house, built with a combination of wood on the upper floor and concrete below, firefighters battled for more than two hours to bring the situation under control. The aftermath was harrowing, with three young people found deceased, their bodies severely burnt.

The deceased was identified as 19 year old Nattawat (surname withheld), a 7 year old boy known as A (a pseudonym), trapped in a bedroom, and 18 year old Anuwat (surname withheld), found in the hallway, reported KhaoSod.

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Additionally, two others, 20 year old Hasadin (surname withheld), and 15 year old Sirawit (surname withheld), were discovered with critical burn injuries and promptly transported to Phichit Hospital. Initial police investigations suggested the fire originated in the kitchen area, with further examination by forensic experts required to determine the exact cause.

A local police officer, Nattaporn Netyim, and a medical team were among the first on the scene to assess the situation and assist the victims. They found that the 14 year old survivor had attempted to alert and save the others, managing to escape with three companions, while tragically, three could not be rescued in time.

As the community mourns, the bodies of the three deceased individuals have been released to their families for funeral rites. The investigation into this tragic event continues as authorities work to confirm the cause of the fire, and the two injured remain under medical care.

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