KNU commits to Thai-Myanmar border security amid conflict

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The Karen National Union (KNU) made a statement on April 12, asserting its commitment to provide cross-border security along the Thai-Myanmar border. The organisation expressed its dedication to cooperating with Thai authorities and international bodies to maintain peace and safety.

The KNU reported that anti-junta forces seized control of several bases, including the 275th Infantry Battalion in Myawaddy on April 10. They are engaged in military operations to thwart, blockade, and deter reinforcement troops dispatched by the military government to regain control of the town.

With the objective of ensuring the security of the Myawaddy area, the KNU, in collaboration with locals, plans to set up an administrative system. This system will aim to curb illegal activities, enforce laws, provide necessary public services, and facilitate the transportation of goods to the Myawaddy area.

Voicing concerns about the safety of residents living on either side of the Thai-Myanmar border, the KNU pledged its utmost efforts to guarantee access to humanitarian aid, establish cross-border security and stability, and work alongside Thailand and international organisations to ensure peace and security.

Yesterday, despite heightened security measures, the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and its checkpoints remained operational. The Thai government is keen to prevent a mass influx of individuals from Myanmar fleeing the conflict.

A high-ranking KNU official assured that border checkpoints will stay open to facilitate border trade and travel. Tourists traversed the border from Myawaddy using the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to participate in the Songkran festival in the town of Mae Sot and other tourist destinations, reported Bangkok Post.

However, at the second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, the atmosphere was notably subdued due to the sound of gunfire and explosions heard on the Myanmar side of the border on April 12 evening. Thai security forces present at the bridge directed media personnel to evacuate the area for their safety.

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