Psychic power healing innovator plans registration in Thailand

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Keerati Somkid, also known as Ajarn Aek, clarified that he did not challenge Chonnan Srikaew, the Minister of Public Health, but invited him to validate the existence and benefits of his self-invented psychic power healing method. He expressed his intentions to register this method yesterday, as he believes it should be supported and recognised officially, despite having no formal certification yet.

Keerati explained that he had already arranged for his team and lawyer to prepare the necessary documents for registration, aiming to keep this method within Thailand and attract international visitors. He shared that he had previously treated patients who were beyond medical help, charging only a teacher’s fee.

Keerati emphasised that he didn’t insist patients exclusively seek his psychic power healing treatment, but suggested they consult him if conventional medicine failed to cure them.

Keerati further stated that he does not deceive anyone and only charges a teacher’s fee for treatment. He expressed his desire for the Minister of Public Health to acknowledge his method as he believes the current Minister is open-minded. He added that certain diseases can’t be diagnosed or treated by modern medicine and that illnesses can vary significantly in their causes and forms.

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Similar to his psychic power healing method, not all conditions can be treated; he never claimed to cure all diseases. However, if a patient seeks his help, he promises to do his best using his psychic power healing method. The patients themselves will be the judge of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Keerati also mentioned that he has never been accused by any of his patients and has been inspected by health officials from Phetchaburi and Ratchaburi provinces without any violations found. He does not prescribe or sell any medicine to patients, as his psychic power healing method is an alternative treatment, reported KhaoSod.

“As for various agencies willing to test this science, I am happy and ready to prove it together. In the past, I have treated people at various levels, including generals, doctors, hospital owners and even hospital directors. These people are ready to confirm this.”

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