Homeless man’s reign of terror sparks concern in Sattahip

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

In a corner near the junction of Highway 332 and J-Intersection-Kasemphop Road, Bang Saray, Sattahip, a temporary abode has been claimed by a violent 55 year old homeless man.

Responding to distress calls, law enforcement officers swooped in to confront the unidentified vagabond, after reports flooded in of his erratic and alarming behaviour. Witnesses recounted harrowing tales of the man hurling stones at unsuspecting passersby and residents, prompting fears for public safety to skyrocket.

A police spokesperson stated that as a precautionary measure, a knife and a hammer were confiscated from the man.

While the man’s prolonged presence in the area was acknowledged by locals, his recent actions shocked the community. Terrified residents recounted their encounters, describing instances where they were forced to retreat into their homes and secure their doors upon his menacing approach.

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Despite previous attempts to address similar incidents involving homeless individuals, local authorities have yet to devise a lasting solution, reported Pattaya Mail.

With each passing day, concerns over the safety and security of the neighbourhood intensify, with fears mounting that the situation may spiral out of control.

In related news, an unconventional rescue mission took place in Pattaya, where authorities came to the aid of a homeless man drifting in the sea on a self-constructed raft made of plastic bottles. The incident unfolded around 11am on March 12, when speedboat operators spotted a lone figure sitting atop a makeshift raft roughly 2.4 kilometres off Bali Hai Pier. Alerting the Pattaya Marine Disaster Prevention, they set the stage for a mid-sea rescue.

In other news, during a routine inspection on March 19, officials from the rural highway department and the Huay Yai municipality stumbled upon a makeshift home beneath the Ban Bueng-Map Ta Phut flyover in Huay Yai subdistrict.

What started as a simple check quickly escalated into a showdown between a 57 year old man and his wife against local authorities, who demanded the immediate evacuation of their makeshift dwelling under the bridge.

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