Highway horror: Civil engineer’s fatal crash claims delivery rider’s life in Bangkok

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A Department of Highways civil engineer crashed his car into a delivery rider instantly killing him in the early hours of this morning on the Lat Phrao-Wang Hin Road in Bangkok. The driver’s alcohol test results are yet to be reported.

Chok Chai Police Station officers and medical and rescue teams rushed to the road at 12.30am today to investigate the car accident. The road where the accident took place consists of four lanes, allowing vehicles to travel in opposite directions without a traffic island.

Upon investigation, officers discovered a dark blue Mini Cooper S with a damaged right front bumper. The driver was identified as 40 year old Paphawin Sayasin, who is a civil engineer in the Department of Highways. He waited for the police officers at the scene.

The dead body of the victim, a 26 year old delivery rider named Thanate Singsom, was found in front of the Mini Cooper. He sustained a serious wound to his hip. His motorcycle, a black Yamaha GT 125, lay overturned on the footpath.

Paphawin was taken to the police station for further questioning and took an alcohol test. According to MGR Online, Paphawin revealed that he followed the speed limit and was not driving erratically. He added it was raining when the incident occurred.

The result of the alcohol test has not yet been reported by the police and officers are reviewing the CCTV cameras on the road and nearby areas. Further development on the case is expected to be updated soon.

Thailand officially entered the rainy season on May 22 according to the Thai Meteorological Department. Rainfall is an additional factor that contributes to road accidents in Thailand.

Recent incidents highlighted dangers bought by the weather conditions. Two days ago, two Thai women were injured after crashing their hatchback into the trees in the southern province of Yala.

Additionally, in Bangkok three days ago, a tall tree along the pavement in front of CentralWorld toppled over, damaging a parked taxi at a traffic light due to strong winds. Fortunately, both the driver and the passenger managed to escape from the vehicle unharmed.

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