Heroic bus driver’s honesty wins hearts: Returns lost wallets to French couple

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A Thai bus driver is breaking the Internet with his virtuous act after returning the wallets of a French couple.

Kanta Sridara, the 59 year old driver of Mini Bus No. 44 on the Kanchanaburi-Bangkok route, not only discovered misplaced wallets belonging to French tourists but also promptly returned their lifetime savings, earning praise and admiration across social media.

According to reports from Kanchanaburi Tourist Police’s Facebook page yesterday, January 31, the driver became a hero after uncovering wallets left behind by French tourists in his mini-bus. The accumulated money, a crucial part of their Thai vacation fund, was swiftly returned, earning gratitude from the tourists, as reported by SiamRath.

Deputy Superintendent Officer Suchila of Kanchanaburi Tourist Police detailed the incident, highlighting the swift coordination between the police and the bus company. The wallets were found during a morning check, and the diligent driver, Kanta Sridara, immediately reported the find.

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The story of the bus driver’s honesty became viral on social media, garnering admiration, likes, shares, and comments praising his integrity. The French couple expressed their thanks and gratefulness, emphasising that the lost money was their dedicated savings for a dream vacation in Thailand, reported ASEAN Now.

Kwan Khao Rungreung, spokesperson for the bus company, commended the driver for his dedication to customer service. Later, it was revealed that Kanta Sridara received a cash reward for his exemplary act.

In case of emergencies, the Thai Tourist Police can be reached at 1155.

In related news, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) has unveiled a new tool to ensure the safety and well-being of foreign visitors in Thailand. The Tourist Police Office has launched a new mobile application, dubbed Tourist Police i lert u.

This innovation in public safety caters to tourists who find themselves in need of immediate assistance. Leveraging the power of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the application readily pinpoints the exact location of a user in distress, expediting the response of emergency services.

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