Heavy rainfall fills Phimai Dam to capacity, floodgates opened for irrigation

Photo: KhaoSod.

Relentless downpours in Nakhon Ratchasima have caused the water levels upstream of the Phimai Dam to surge dramatically. In response to this watery predicament, the authorities overseeing the Phimai Dam have taken proactive measures. They’ve opened two floodgates, strategically directing the excess water into local irrigation canals.

This vital intervention has brought much-needed relief to farmers in the Tha Luang, Chivan, Dong Yai, and Krachon regions, ensuring a continued supply of water for their crucial agricultural pursuits.

The torrential rains had pushed the Phimai Dam perilously close to its capacity, prompting swift action by the Water Distribution Project Centre and the dedicated officers from the Samrit Tung Field Maintenance team stationed at the Phimai Dam.

Their decision to open two floodgates at the primary canal’s mouth has effectively channelled surplus water into the irrigation network, offering a timely lifeline to the agricultural heartlands of the region.

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At the rear of the Phimai Dam, 1 metre high floodgates were raised to provide water for agricultural use to the farmers situated at the back of the dam. However, these floodgates will be closed to store water if the heavy rainfall subsides.

Meanwhile, locals have seized this opportunity to fish in the Mun River. As water levels rise, fish flow downstream, and residents have taken advantage of this to catch a variety of species including white fish, doctor fish, and tilapia. The catch is mainly used to prepare meals, but if caught in abundance, it is sold to generate income for families.

The current situation has effectively turned a crisis into an opportunity, with locals making the most of the increased water flow.

It has also provided essential water supplies to farmers, ensuring their agricultural activities can continue despite the heavy rainfall. However, as the weather changes, authorities remain vigilant, ready to adapt their water management strategies accordingly, reported KhaoSod.

Numerous regions in Thailand are preparing for additional flooding as heavy rainfall is forecasted from tomorrow through next Wednesday. Read more HERE.

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