Foster father’s violent assault on seven year old boy exposed

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A seven year old boy endured physical abuse at the hands of his foster father, sparking swift intervention from Deputy Mayor Wanchai Saenngam of Nong Prue Municipality, alongside local law enforcement.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chilling scene where the boy, accompanied by his guardian, faced a violent assault over a trivial dispute at a local grocery shop. Reports suggest the accused man, identified as the boy’s guardian, inflicted severe injuries on the child, prompting him to flee in anguish.

Despite seeking refuge with his mother, the child found no respite as the abuse persisted, culminating in his desperate flight into the rain-soaked woods. Surveillance footage captured the brutality of the assault, offering crucial evidence for authorities.

In a disturbing attempt to justify the abuse, the mother, identified as A, labelled the acts as disciplinary, vehemently denying any malicious intent. However, authorities underscored the need for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind the heinous acts.

The search for the abusive foster father remains ongoing, with legal proceedings awaiting his apprehension. Shockingly, subsequent investigations uncovered alarming details, including the man’s possession of a knife, raising concerns for the safety of law enforcement.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the house where the abuse unfolded lacked basic amenities, nestled in a remote, forested area devoid of electricity and running water.

The victim, identified as Tawan, was discovered in a distressed state, bearing multiple injuries indicative of severe physical abuse, prompting widespread outrage among residents who demanded justice and support for the child’s welfare.

Despite Tawan’s regular attendance at Wat Sutthawat School and his registration with a local charity organisation, his education has been disrupted by the traumatic events. Villagers now call for assistance from concerned individuals and organisations to ensure the child’s well-being and educational prospects, reported Pattaya Mail.

Taking swift action, authorities from Nong Prue Municipality Social Welfare, in collaboration with local police, have initiated protective measures in accordance with the law, striving to secure justice for Tawan and prevent such atrocities from recurring.

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