Fire destroys house in Chainat, damages exceed 30,000 baht

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A fire engulfed and destroyed a single-story house yesterday in Chai Nat, prompting an urgent response from firefighters. Ten fire trucks were dispatched to the scene, where it took over an hour to extinguish the flames.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sompong Nilsonti, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Mueang Chai Nat Police Station, received reports of the fire yesterday, June 26, under the new bridge in Ban Kluai, Mueang Chai Nat District. Fire trucks from the Chai Nat Municipality and nearby areas were immediately called in to combat the blaze.

The property, a single-story house belonged to 56 year old Wanchai Phetphuang. The surrounding area was cluttered with accumulated waste, providing ample fuel for the fire. Despite the firefighters’ best efforts, the house was entirely consumed by the flames within an hour.

Thankfully, the fire did not spread to adjacent homes, with the estimated damage amounting to over 30,000 baht. Officials are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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The homeowner, Wanchai, revealed that the site was formerly an old office of a sand quarry. The landowner had permitted him to reside there along with his wife and their six year old grandchild. Originally from Den Yai, Hankha District, Wanchai works as a general labourer and has a habit of hoarding waste materials.

Wanchai recounted that before the fire, he had left to buy fruit for his wife, who is hospitalised at Chai Nat Narenthorn Hospital. He was gone for only 15 minutes when he received a call informing him of the fire. Upon his return, he found all his belongings destroyed by the flames.

He mentioned that he had no idea how the fire started. When asked about the gas cylinder, he confirmed there was one, but it was empty. He had used it earlier to cook pumpkin soup and had extinguished the charcoal fire around noon.

He also dismissed the possibility of an electrical short circuit, as he typically leaves only one light on when he goes out, using a temporary electrical setup.

“I can’t understand how it happened. The gas was empty, and the fire from cooking had long gone out. I always make sure everything is safe before leaving.”

Police are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire, reported KhaoSod.

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