Fatal gas leak and death in Chao Phraya River truck crash

A 22-wheel trailer truck overturned on a bridge over the Chao Phraya River, resulting in a continuous gas leak and a fatality. The accident, which occurred today, March 19, required the use of a crane to recover the driver’s body, which was found severed in two parts.

The devastating accident unfolded on Kanchanaphisek Road in the Sam Khok district of Pathum Thani province when a 22-wheel trailer truck carrying cement powder lost control and flipped over on the bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River, heading towards Bang Sai. The incident led to not only vehicular destruction but also a tragic loss of life.

Upon receiving reports from the public, Police Lieutenant Woraphak Suphasawat of the Sam Khok Police Station, along with forensic scientists from the Ministry of Justice, volunteers from the Po Tek Tung Foundation, and heavy-duty rescue equipment, rushed to the scene to conduct a thorough investigation.

The truck, with the registration numbers of the main vehicle being 70-7426 and the trailer 70-4768 from Ratchaburi, was found in a severely damaged state, having collided with a worker’s container camp before toppling off the bridge.

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More alarmingly, amidst the wreckage, eight NGV gas tanks were discovered with gas audibly leaking out, necessitating urgent water spraying to prevent any potential ignition. The situation was exacerbated by the inability to immediately extricate the driver’s body from the truck due to the severe damage. The body was tragically severed into two pieces, and the identity of the deceased remained unknown as no personal documents were found at the scene.

The police from Sam Khok Police Station, along with medical examiners, inspected the wreckage and coordinated with a crane service to lift the wrecked vehicle and retrieve the deceased driver. The body was then transported to the Forensic Science Hospital under the Ministry of Justice for autopsy to determine the cause of death, after which relatives will be notified to claim the body for funeral rites according to their religious customs.

The accident has prompted local authorities to call for increased safety measures on the road, particularly for heavy vehicles carrying hazardous materials. As investigations continue, the local community mourns the loss of life and reflects on the need for heightened awareness and stricter adherence to traffic regulations to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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