Fat farang strips naked and poops in Bangkok shrine (video)

Picture courtesy of ASEAN Now

Thailand’s tourism drive suffered another setback this week when Bangkok bore witness to yet another repulsive, badly-behaved fat farang who saw it fit to strip naked, bathe and poop in a Buddhist shrine.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has been playing catch up for the past four years, after the Covid-19 epidemic, to attract more tourists to the Land of Smiles. Unfortunately, those smiles turned to frowns yesterday as an obese foreigner disregarded all around him and thought it was a good idea to desecrate a holy shrine. It is a familiar tale in Thailand.

Videos and photographs of the unidentified foreigner defecating in public on a bustling street in Bangkok and subsequently cleansing himself in a Buddhist shrine have circulated widely, eliciting disgust and ire among locals and online audiences.

The incident, captured yesterday, April 11, near the notorious Soi Nana, Sukhumvit Soi 4 district, depicts the man casually squatting on the pavement before proceeding to bathe in a nearby shrine with the apparent assistance of a Thai security guard.

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The explicit videos and photographs, shared by an eyewitness, condemn the man’s blatant disregard for Thai culture and public decency., reported ASEAN Now.

Witnesses expressed a blend of astonishment and exasperation, urging authorities to identify and take action against the man. Some have voiced concerns regarding the negative portrayal this incident casts upon foreigners in Thailand.

While the man’s identity remains unknown, the incident underscores a recurring issue of disrespectful conduct by certain foreign visitors to Thailand.

Only three days ago another foreigner disgraced himself, ironically, this time in Pattaya’s Farang Bar. Two Thai female employees are seeking justice after a German man attacked them at a bar where they worked on Sunday, April 7. The German accused the bar of overcharging him.

The two victims, 55 year old Anchisa Thongphuek and 39 year old Warunee Promwaen, submitted CCTV footage of the attack to officers at Mueang Pattaya Police Station on Sunday after the German man physically assaulted them. The incident occurred at Farang Bar in Soi Lengkee at about 2am on the day.

Fat farang strips naked and poops in Bangkok shrine (video) | News by Thaiger

Fat farang strips naked and poops in Bangkok shrine (video) | News by Thaiger
Pictures and video of fat farang courtesy of ASEAN Now

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