Factory explosion in Prachinburi sparks investigation into potential electric fault

Photo: KhaoSod.

An electrical transformer exploded in a factory within the 304 Industrial Park, Prachinburi, causing a shockwave and towering plume of smoke. Officials promptly arrived at the scene to investigate the cause of the factory explosion, which occurred at 11.20am today. The factory under scrutiny belongs to Ratchakrit Phayak, the District Chief of Sri Maha Phot.

The explosion sent a pillar of fire and smoke into the sky, visible from afar. Adjacent to the factory, a severed high-voltage electric wire was found on the ground, believed to be a result of the blast. Currently, the factory and officials are working together to prevent non-related individuals from entering the vicinity, fearing potential harm from the high-voltage electricity.

Local administrative organisation president, Yothin Pongsawor, reviewed the scene and stated that the situation within the factory was initially under control.

The cause of the factory explosion is yet to be definitively determined, with officials waiting for the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

Preliminary reports from the response unit suggest that a short circuit in the electrical distribution room resulted in the blast. However, a comprehensive investigation is underway to confirm this.

The factory in question generates electricity for the 304 Industrial Park. The full impact of the explosion is yet to be determined, pending further investigation into the cause of this incident, reported KhaoSod.

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