Expect thunderstorms and strong winds in parts of Thailand until Sunday morning

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Thailand is expected to see thunderstorms and heavy winds across Thailand that may last through tomorrow. A rain warning was issued for October 21-23. There are easterly and southeasterly winds prevailing over northern Thailand, the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea. The South will see continuous rains with the Gulf of Thailand seeing wave heights over 1 metre.

The rain warning comes as another high-pressure area from China has spread to cover southern China. It is expected to cover Vietnam and northern Laos today and will cover northern Thailand and the South China Sea over the next 2 days.

The north, northeast, and central regions of Thailand are expected to see 20% of thunderstorms in the area. The eastern region is expected to see 30% thunderstorms in the area with wave heights of around 1 – 2 metres. The southeastern coast is expected to see 40% chance of thunderstorms in the area with a similar wave height.

The southwest region is expected to see the highest percentage of rain with 60% of the area seeing isolated, heavy rain. Waves are also expected to be around 1 metre high. Bangkok and its surrounding areas is expected to see a 30% chance of thunderstorms for the area.

SOURCE: Chiang Rai Times

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