Exotic pet trainer attacks South Korean in Pattaya ‘coin-troversy’

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An exotic pet trainer attacked a South Korean man at a night market in Pattaya, accusing the victim of insulting him by throwing money at him during a performance.

The South Korean victim, 38 year old Munsu Park, along with his Thai girlfriend and older brother, filed a complaint at Mueang Pattaya Police Station at 2am today, May 30.

The physical assault took place at the Runway night market on Pattaya Sai Song Road. Park pointed out that he had lost teeth and his lips were bruised and bloody from the attack.

Park’s girlfriend, May, told police that her boyfriend came to Pattaya for the first time and visited the night market on the seventh day of his trip.

At the market, Park became interested in an exotic animal show featuring a python and a Siberian eagle owl and began taking a video. The animal trainer, later identified as Bas, immediately approached Park and demanded he stop filming. Park allegedly did not see the sign indicating that payment was required before filming.

A tense confrontation unfolded, during which Park allegedly hurled a 100-baht banknote at Bas, provoking Bas to throw away the money.

While Park retrieved his money, Bas delivered two kicks to his face, causing Park to collapse. Blood stained his mouth and his teeth were dislodged.

Bas was summoned to the police station for questioning, during which he confessed to the physical assault. He asserted that Park’s action of flinging money at him was insulting, prompting his outburst of violence. He acknowledged his wrongdoing and expressed remorse.

The police are yet to determine the charges against Bas, but they intend to investigate whether he possesses legal ownership of the exotic animals featured in his show.

A similar story involving a South Korean tourist in Pattaya was reported in July last year. The South Korean victim was attacked while livestreaming on his YouTube channel in Jomtien Beach. The Thai attacker accused the foreigner of filming him and punched the YouTuber in the face.

Unfortunately, the injured South Korean victim was charged 34,000 baht for filming another person without permission.

Thai man attacks South Korean man in Pattaya
Photo via One 31

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