Female boxer arrested for assaulting teen in Buriram jealousy

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A former female boxer was arrested after assaulting a 15 year old girl whom she suspected of showing interest in her ex-partner during the Songkran festival celebrations.

Following a bout of heavy drinking, the 26 year old former boxer unleashed a series of Muay Thai moves on the teenager, leaving her severely injured. The incident occurred on May 1, when police, led by Deputy Inspector Kriengsak Kitthaisong, took the boxer into custody for questioning.

The attack took place in the early hours outside a community learning centre in Buriram Province’s Satuek district. The 15 year old victim, known as Aswarin, suffered critical injuries and was hospitalised in Satuek.

During the investigation, Aswarin, also known as Rin, confessed to acting alone due to her anger upon hearing rumours that Aswarin had expressed interest in her recently separated partner.

Aswarin detailed the events leading up to the attack, noting she had consumed five bottles of beer and acted on a friend’s provocation. She admitted to waiting for the girl and then using her Muay Thai skills to deliver a series of strikes that left the teenager unconscious.

Acknowledging her jealousy and intoxication, Aswarin expressed remorse but feared her apology would not be accepted given the severity of the injuries.

The 35 year old aunt of the victim, also from Satuek, recounted that Aswarin had immediately attacked her niece upon seeing her, even as the young girl pleaded for mercy. The aunt condemned the violence, explaining that it was fuelled by jealousy and hearsay, never expecting the altercation to turn so brutal.

The incident has sparked a conversation about the dangers of unchecked jealousy and the consequences of violence, particularly when fueled by alcohol.

As the investigation continues, the community is left to ponder the repercussions of a moment’s rage that may have lasting effects on all involved, reported Khaosod.

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