Drunken monk in Bangkok detained for lewd acts (video)

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Bangkok’s bustling streets witnessed a bizarre incident recently when a 62 year old man was detained by police for inappropriate behaviour. The incident occurred at 7.30pm yesterday, April 3, when Bangkaew police officers from Samut Prakan province were alerted to a man, clad in monk’s robes, exhibiting drunken behaviour and leering at women’s breasts and buttocks in Kingkhaew Market.

Upon confronting Supoj Daengkrachang, police were met with violence as he threw a punch at the officer, leading to a scuffle that required additional police backup and assistance from locals to restrain him. Once subdued, Supoj was transported to the police station for further investigation.

At the station, a body search revealed an arsenal of iron rings of various sizes, a belt modified from a door hinge, and several other modified metal objects worn all over his body, including his genitalia. Supoj explained that the metal trinkets were amulets meant to protect against black magic and to prevent his genitals from swinging against his legs.

The removal of these metal objects posed a challenge, requiring the Ruamkatanyu Foundation to send a team with specialised cutting tools. After nearly an hour, the team successfully removed the metallic array, which collectively weighed almost 10 kilogrammes.

The incident began when police sergeant Sekson Chidnok was patrolling the market and was informed by concerned citizens about the man’s suspicious behaviour. Lieutenant Colonel Natthapong Makcharoen, deputy inspector of Bangkaew Police Station, stated that the apprehension of Supoj followed these reports, reported KhaoSod.

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Supoj claimed to be a monk from a forest temple in Chon Buri province and had been ordained for several years. The authenticity of his monastic status and the legality of his actions are currently under investigation by the police.

In related news, a violent Thai monk struck a local woman with the lid of his alms bowl, leaving the victim with four stitches to her head. The monk’s thuggish attack was reportedly prompted by the woman’s delay in helping him pack his food offerings.

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