Drug-fuelled party raided in Sattahip, teens arrested

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Sattahip Police Station orchestrated a shutdown of a raucous drug party at an undisclosed pool villa in the Bang Sare subdistrict of Chon Buri province yesterday, January 4. The villa’s name remains under wraps as authorities delve into the aftermath of the wild revelry.

Over 20 officers stormed the villa, responding to numerous grievances from bleary-eyed locals disturbed by the thumping beats. The party, reportedly fuelled by drugs, had been escalating throughout the night, prompting the decisive police action at 4.30am.

Inside, a contingent of eight Thai teenagers, comprising six males and two females, were caught in the act of spinning out-of-control tunes amid a haze of suspected drug use, as per Sattahip police reports. In a stunning twist, the authorities confiscated undisclosed quantities of ketamine, alongside drug paraphernalia, reported Pattaya News.

The unidentified teens underwent mandatory drug tests and are slated to face the legal repercussions of their alleged drug abuse and ketamine possession, according to Sattahip police. As the investigation unfolds, the clandestine party’s aftermath promises to reveal more details.

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In related news, Thai police have raided a prominent resort in Phetchaburi, dismantling a drug party and detaining over 60 teenagers. Nearly all of those detained tested positive in drug tests, with their urine turning purple. The operation, which occurred at 5am on December 23, led to the seizure of considerable illegal substances.

In other news, a significant international drug ring has been dismantled, leading to the arrest of the operation’s leader and the seizure of over 15 million methamphetamine pills, and more than one tonne each of heroin, ketamine, and ice.

The operation also netted assets worth approximately 105 million baht. Over the month, the Anti-Narcotics Police Headquarters successfully busted four drug trafficking cases, arresting six suspects and seizing over 16 million methamphetamine pills, 27 kilogrammes of heroin, and about 105 million baht worth of assets.

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