Discover Phayao’s revered 500 year old Thong Samrit Buddha image

A revered ancient Buddha image, known as Phra Chao Thong Samrit or the Phra Singh Sam, aged over 500 years and the only one of its kind in the Lanna region, is believed to grant successful exams and work good fortune. Located in Wat Sri Bun Chum, Sri Thoi sub-district, Mae Chai district, Phayao province, the statue is crafted from Thong Samrit, a type of precious golden alloy, and depicts an amalgamation of three artistic styles.

This ancient Buddha image, created from Thong Samrit, uniquely encapsulates three lion styles within one figure, a feature unique to Phayao province or even the entire Lanna region. Phra Chao Thong Samrit, a revered Buddha image aged over 500 years, is a prominent figure among the locals, regarded as a provider of luck and prosperity to those who offer their respect.

Especially, prayers for success in examinations and work are believed to be answered, and the common ritual of offering 99 boiled eggs and steamed fish paste wrapped in banana leaves is observed. Phra Khru Prayut Sila Suntorn, the abbot of Wat Sri Bun Chum Temple and head of the Sri Thoi sub-district, stated that Phra Chao Thong Samrit or the Three Lions is an ancient Chiang Saen art Buddha image, consisting of three artistic styles or three lions, all embodied within a single figure.

Phra Khru Prayut Sila Suntorn further explained that the statue, made from Thong Samrit, was previously located at Wat Duang Dee, an ancient dilapidated temple. The locals then invited the statue to be enshrined at Wat Sri Bun Chum Temple, where it remains to this day. An annual ritual of bathing Phra Chao Thong Samrit is held in the sixth month, between January and February, every year.

The Thong Samrit Buddha image has a face width of 60 centimetres, a height of 160 centimetres, and weighs half a ton. It is enshrined in front of the main hall within Wat Sri Bun Chum Temple.

As a deeply revered ancient Buddha image, aged over 500 years, its beauty and sanctity have made it a respected figure among the locals of Mae Chai district and beyond. Its sanctity and significance have garnered widespread faith and reverence from the general public, reported KhaoSod.

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