Deadly duel: Teenager accidentally stabs friend to death while playing with knife

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A 17 year old man accidentally stabbed his friend to death while they were playing with their brand-new knives in a public park in the northeastern province of Nong Bua Lamphu.

Nong Bua Lamphu Hospital reported the teenager’s death to Mueang Nong Bua Lamphu Police Station at 7.30pm on Sunday, September 24. The hospital reported that the teen, named Ton, suffered a deep stab wound to the neck. CPR was reportedly administered but medical staff were unable to save his life.

Police arrived at the hospital and met a group of Ton’s friends outside the emergency room. His friends were unaware of Ton’s death at the time until officers broke the news to the group.

One of Ton’s friends, 17 year old Thanate, collapsed in tears on the floor after learning the tragic news. He admitted to the officers that he accidentally stabbed his friend.

The other friends backed up Thanate’s words, saying that the two were close friends and studied at the same school since they were young children. They had never fought each other before and had no conflicts.

Thanate was taken to the police station for questioning. He told the police that he and Ton had bought new knives and were proud of them. Before the incident, they played with the knives and pretended to fight each other. Unfortunately, Thanate’s knife sheath slipped and he stabbed Ton directly in the neck.

A neighbour told Channel 3 that Ton has had a difficult life. His father abandoned him and left him with his mother when he was three days old. Then, his mother had mental health problems and could not care for him so his grandparents had to take care of him and his mother.

Ton’s grandmother said that she had not expected to have to bring Ton’s body home. She revealed that she fainted when she heard of his death. She hoped that Ton’s soul would go home with her.

In related news three weeks ago, a 13 year old boy was stabbed to death by his 16 year old friend, who was showing off his 30-centimetre sword. The cause of the stabbing was similar to Ton’s case, the sword slipped out of its sheath and pierced the victim’s chest.

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