Corrections Dept. to sue Thai talk show for creating fake news

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A female talk show host faces up to a year in prison after insulting the Department of Corrections and spreading fake news about Thai prisons.

On August 31, the Thai talk show, Unfold a Secret or Chae (แฉ), invited a female influencer, Leena Jangjanja, to host a discussion about the Forex-3D scam involving a leading Thai actress, Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej.

Aside from talking about Pinky, Leena also spoke about the founder and CEO of Forex-3D, Apirak Koth, saying he lived a privileged life in prison.

Leena said Apirak was imprisoned in a VIP area, which was more convenient than other inmates, and used a separate bathroom.

She added that Aphirak had a mobile phone to contact people and even completed stock trading from jail.

Last Friday, the Director-general of the Corrections Department, Aryut Sinthobphan, slammed the TV show insisting that the information reported wasn’t true and urged people to avoid fake news.

Aryut said no inmates are afforded such privileges, no one had a mobile phone or any other communication devices. Every inmate was treated equally according to the human rights bill.

Aryut also provided an update on Pinky. He said Pinky was treated the same as other inmates. She had to follow the rules of the Corrections Department and also had a haircut according to prison rules.

Aryut said that the talk show host’s actions defamed the department’s reputation and spread fake information, which could cause a misunderstanding among the public.

The host could be charged under Criminal Law, Section 326: whoever imputes anything to the other people or commit any manner that is likely to impair the reputation of such a person or to expose such a person to be hated or scorned, shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year, fined up to 20,000 baht, or both.

The host also violated the Computer Act, Section 14 by importing fake information into the computer system, and that information causes defamation or damage to national security, public security, economic security, and infrastructure, or causes panic among the public.

From the Computer Act, Section 14, the host faces up to five years in jail, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both.

The male co-host, Kachapa “Mod Dam” Toncharoen, announced on last Saturday’s show that he would like to apologise to the Corrections Department and insisted that he and the other co-hosts didn’t believe what Lena said.

Mod Dam said he tried to stop Leena during the show, but she insisted on her information. He added Leena will not be invited onto the show again.

SOURCE: Thairath

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