Chiang Mai: Thailand’s biggest pumpkin weighs 380 kilos

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Thailand’s largest pumpkin, tipping the scales at 380 kilogrammes, has been successfully cultivated by a group of alumni at Maejo University in Chiang Mai.

The university’s acting president, Associate Professor Weerapon Thongma, officially opened the annual giant pumpkin showcase at Panawat Garden in tambon Bo Luang, Hot district, yesterday.

Financial support for career and agricultural development was also handed out to the alumni responsible for the exhibition by Weerapon during the event. A host of university executives, including the acting vice president, Pawin Manochai, were present at the ceremony.

The pumpkins on display were brought in from the United States last year by Maejo University alumni working at Panawat Garden. The team has been conducting cultivation trials to develop a technique that would allow this variety of pumpkins to grow on Thai soil.

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The group announced that they had made significant strides in their cultivation efforts this year, particularly with the growth of the record-breaking 380-kilogramme pumpkin, reported Bangkok Post.

The exhibition of these giant pumpkins will run from April 1 to 7 at Panawat Garden.

In related news, aiming to boost sales from geographical indication (GI) products to 60 billion baht by 2024, the Commerce Ministry is set to expand the GI product list by an additional 20 items this year. Deputy Commerce Minister Napintorn Srisunpang highlighted the plan as a strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

In other news, Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) unveiled the coveted Koh Yao sea cucumber, freshly adorned with a prestigious geographical indication (GI) stamp. Hailing from the picturesque district of Koh Yao, nestled in Phang Nga province, these sea cucumbers boast a journey from earthen ponds to dining tables, brimming with local expertise. Crafted with indigenous knowledge and wisdom, the Koh Yao sea cucumber presents a tantalising treat for gastronomes. With its elongated form and tantalisingly firm texture, it’s a delight for the senses.

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