Chiang Mai confrontation leads to seizure of 200,000 meth pills

Photo courtesy of Panumet Tanraksa

A confrontation between soldiers and smugglers occurred in the Mae Ai district of Chiang Mai in the early hours of today. The incident led to a seizure of 200,000 methamphetamine pills that were abandoned during the conflict.

The Pha Muang task force, while on patrol, encountered armed individuals near the natural border crossing from Myanmar in the Kaeng Tum village around 3.30am. Gunfire was exchanged between the soldiers and the smugglers, who subsequently escaped the scene, reported Bangkok Post.

In the aftermath of the skirmish, the soldiers discovered two deserted rucksacks. They contained 200,000 meth pills and a firearm, as shared by Lieutenant General Narit Thavornwong, the head of a drug suppression unit, on Tuesday. No casualties were reported from the incident.

According to Lt. Gen. Narit, military personnel are also being dispatched to inspect suspicious packages at logistics companies across three districts of the northern province for potential drug content. These districts include Chiang Dao, Chai Prakarn, and Fang.

He further stated that random searches at road checkpoints have been mandated, specifically targeting box trucks transporting parcels and trucks carrying agricultural products.

To counteract drug smuggling during the New Year holiday season, patrols along the northern border have been intensified, added Lt Gen Narit.

In related news, a successful drug bust operation in Phon Thong, Roi Et, Thailand, conducted by Police Lieutenant General Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, resulted in the apprehension of four suspects on November 8. The suspects, aged between 34 and 55, were found in possession of over 140,000 amphetamine pills.

The Royal Thai Police, aided by comprehensive surveillance efforts, intercepted a suspicious sedan, leading to the discovery of the illicit substances. After the arrests, additional operations recovered more than 18,000 units.

The individuals now face legal proceedings, and authorities are committed to further investigations to dismantle any remaining connections in the drug trafficking network in Thailand.

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