CAAT insists air travellers still need to mask up on Thai flights

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand today recommended that all travellers still need to wear face masks on flights because an airplane cabin is a confined area.

The Royal Gazette last week announced that face mask wearing is a voluntary practice in an outdoor and airy place, but recommended that people wear masks in crowded areas and venues where social distancing can’t be practiced, such as on the BTS Skytrain.

The face mask wearing news on flights was quickly shared among Thai netizens. Many thought it was fake news because of last week’s Royal Gazette announcement. But the Anti-Fake News Center Thailand confirmed the CAAT information was accurate. Wearing masks on board isn’t a rule with a penalty but the authority recommends it for health and safety reasons.

The CAAT also emphasised that every airline needs to carefully check the documents of travellers according to the nation’s travel restrictions.

The Thailand Pass and Covid-19 insurance will no longer be required for travellers who want to enter Thailand from tomorrow, July 1. But vaccinated travellers still have to provide proof of their shots to enter the kingdom, and unvaccinated people passing through airport customs have to prepare a negative result from a professional ATK test.

Travellers without a vaccination history and professional ATK test results can still enter the country but they will be required to get professional ATK tests on arrival.

SOURCE: Anti-Fake News Centre Thailand

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