Busted flush: 44 gamblers dealt a losing hand as police swoop on Bangkok gambling den

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Police swooped on a gambling den in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok and arrested 44 gamblers yesterday, November 21. Officers had raided the place over 10 times in the past but the gambling den continued to operate.

Officers from Don Mueang Police Station received a tip-off that the gambling den, which was previously shut down by officers in October this year, was operating again. The gambling den had been operating from a rented football ground called Kiat Don Mueang but the business had gone bankrupt.

The football club has been neglected and no new businesses have been set up in the area since its closure. The owner of the land is a Thai man named Amnuay Kiatdonmueang, who had been previously charged with running a gambling den.

Acting on a tip-off more than 50 police officers rushed to the site to search for the hidden gambling den. Officers faced difficulties entering the premises as all entrances were closed. Officers had to break down five doors to reach the centre of the gambling den.

Upon arrival at the centre, officers found gamblers hiding in several places trying to evade arrest. Fortunately, it failed because police surrounded the area.

Officers arrested 44 people, including 19 men and 25 women. Gambling tables for hi-lo, cards, fishing machines and other gambling paraphernalia were found at the site.

Evade arrest

One gambler, a 50 year old woman, was injured while trying to evade arrest. She suffered a dislocated shoulder and was taken to hospital by a rescue team.

The woman confessed on the way to the hospital that she had come from Nakhon Pathom province with four other friends. She brought 200,000 baht cash to the gambling den and lost 150,000 baht in one night.

The landowner, Amnuay, also made an appearance at the scene. He claimed that he was involved in running the gambling den and did not take part in any games. His purpose for being there was to oversee the renovation of the football pitch.

Amnuay added that the individuals apprehended for gambling were construction workers who fled in confusion upon seeing the police. Despite his explanation, officers remained unconvinced and accompanied him and the others to the police station.

Each suspect faced initial charges of illegal gambling, carrying a penalty of up to three years in prison, a fine of up to 5,000 baht, or both.

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