Bungling thief borrows 500 baht from victim and asks for sex before escaping

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An incompetent thief broke into a woman’s house in the early hours of yesterday morning and asked for sex and 500 baht. The victim managed to persuade the wannabe thief to give up on the sex idea and leave her in peace on the promise she transfers the 500 baht to him through an app.

The bungling thief thanked the victim, told her to lock her door before going to bed and promised to return the money at a later date.

The victim, 29 year old teacher Sasithorn Datekrue, filed a complaint at Thung Yai Police Station in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat at 2am yesterday after the thief left the house.

Sasithorn told police she forgot to lock the back door of her house that night and was awoken by a strange sound in the kitchen. When she went to check she was confronted by a thief. She tried to shout for help but the man put his hand over her mouth.

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He promised he would not hurt her if she stayed silent. Then, he asked for 500 baht.

Sasithorn said she did not have any cash but could transfer money to his bank account through an app on her phone. The thief agreed. He then asked Sasithorn whether he could have sex with her.

Sasithorn said he couldn’t and asked him to leave. He agreed.

As he was leaving, he said…

“Don’t forget to lock the door before sleeping. Leaving alone is dangerous. Don’t move house. I will return your money later.”

After the generous warning, he made his escape through the bathroom ceiling, cutting himself in the process and leaving blood stains all over the bathroom.

An officer from the Thung Yai Police Station suspects the thief might be a neighbour of Sasithorn. The officer added that he might have broken into a nearby empty house, climbed into the roof and entered another house that way.

Officers reported they are gathering more evidence and hope to track down the thief soon. They already have his bank account details so an arrest should be imminent.

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