Twist of fate: Bangkok daughter-in-law’s surprise – sweet not sour from mother-in-law’s purse

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Not all mother-in-laws are venomous harridans with acerbic tongues as one local Bangkok daughter-in-law discovered when receiving a gift envelope full of cash in an unexpected turn of events.

The local Bangkok woman was blown away to find a concealed cash gift in her groceries – a heart-warming gesture from her in-laws. The incident, which unfolded a couple of days ago, was reported by website, phunuphapluat.

Known for her bubbly personality, the local Bangkok woman hails from an upper-middle-class family in Bangkok. Despite being the only child, she married into a modest family from a rural province. Yet, the disparity in their backgrounds has never caused any disharmony, instead, the couple has celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, raising their daughter with mutual understanding and respect, fulfilling each other.

As per the custom during past summers, the couple along with their daughter embarked on a week-long visit to their rural domicile to see the grandparents. After enjoying the serenity of a rural lifestyle, it was time for them to return to their bustling city life. In their usual routine, the woman’s in-laws waved them off with warm wishes and advice, coupled with a parting gift of homegrown vegetables – a customary ritual.

Their humble in-laws, advanced in age and simple in their means, didn’t have extravagant gifts to offer their children or grandchildren. Instead, they often provided them with fresh produce from their garden, serving as a regular reminder of their love. Once the woman was back home, she promptly sorted out her vegetables, unknowingly ignoring something crucial.

Only a few days later, while preparing dinner, the husband opened one of the left-over bags of vegetables only to burst out in surprise, unveiling an unexpected secret – a hidden red envelope stuffed with cash. This was a first for both the husband and wife, who were left dumbstruck and immediately rang their parents to unravel the mystery.

Upon realising that he had discovered the hidden gift, the woman’s husband jokingly asked his mother if she mistakenly left the money envelope in the vegetable bag. However, they were met with a heartful chuckle from the other end, revealing a tender gesture cloaked as an innocuous mistake.

The mother-in-law expressed her intention with the cash gift, emphasising that it was intended for their granddaughter as a small reward for her excellent academic achievements over the past year. Despite their humble lifestyle and limited earnings, the grandparents wanted to contribute towards their granddaughter’s education.

Moreover, the vegetable bag successfully disguised the cash gift, circumventing any refusal from their son. The parents suggested they utilise the funds for their granddaughter’s forthcoming academic year’s textbooks and wardrobe. On hearing about her in-laws’ selflessness, the woman was moved to tears, appreciating their immense love for their granddaughter.

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