Bangkok vendor pays tribute to revered monk after selling land for 2 million baht

Photo: KhaoSod.

A Bangkok-based vendor sold her land for over 2 million baht and used the money to pay tribute to a revered monk at a well-known temple in Nakhon Pathom. The event occurred today, at the central temple of Bang Phra in Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province.

The vendor, 55 year old Sunan, was previously burdened by a large debt which was a constant source of distress. She turned to the Siamese cat lottery for guidance at 9am on that day. The centrepiece of the temple, a majestic statue of Buddha in the Maravijaya posture towering over 30 metres high, was the main focus of her devotion.

The residents of Nakhon Pathom hold the revered Luang Por Somwang in high esteem due to the fulfilment of their wishes after paying respects to him. Together with the temple officials, Sunan arranged for an elaborate tribute consisting of 24 chickens, 24 ducks and two pig heads to be placed in front of the statue.

After lighting incense sticks at the worship area, Sunan ascended to pay her respects and make merit with Luang Por Somwang, even gilding the monk’s right hand. She also drew lottery numbers with three friends. The first number, 11, belonged to Sunan, which coincidentally matched her birth year.

Sunan revealed that she had invited friends to join her in performing merit-making activities at Luang Por Somwang’s temple, preparing 24 boiled chickens, 24 duck stews, two pig heads, and 49 garlands for the occasion. She previously visited the monk in May when she was struggling with significant debt and seeking a way out.

Deciding to sell her inherited 5-rai land in Phitsanulok province, which she no longer tended after moving to Bangkok, Sunan paid her respects to Luang Por Somwang, hoping for his blessings. Soon, a buyer approached her, purchasing the land for 2 million baht. This sale not only helped her repay her debt but also provided additional capital for other business ventures reported KhaoSod.

Sunan expressed her belief in the power of Luang Por Somwang, crediting him for the successful sale of her land. After fulfilling her vow, she returned to the temple to pay tribute. Before leaving, the temple presented her with a portrait of Luang Por Somwang for her to worship at home, wishing her prosperity and good fortune.

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