Bangkok man arrested with illegal firearm during routine patrol

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During a routine patrol in Bangkok, the vigilant Sai Mai police force yesterday stumbled upon a disturbing discovery that led to the apprehension of a 38 year old man, who goes by the name Thanachai, or Noy. The illicit item in question was an illegal firearm, specifically a modified Thai-made BB gun, accompanied by a cache of four .22 bullets.

The police were executing their customary patrols when their attention was drawn to Thanachai, who was navigating his motorbike along the thoroughfare of Watcharapol Road in the Tha Raeng district of Bang Khen, Bangkok.

Sensing something amiss in his demeanour, the officers decided to conduct a thorough search, revealing the concealed contraband in the process.

Thanachai readily admitted ownership of the illegal firearm, disclosing that he had acquired it from an acquaintance in a different province, parting with 4,000 baht in exchange. He claimed that he had retained the weapon solely for self-defence purposes.

A deeper dive into Thanachai’s background unearthed a troubling history marred by prior involvement in drug-related offences. Alarmingly, he had been released from prison only about a year ago.

In light of these findings, the police charged him with several serious infractions, including “possession and carrying of a firearm and ammunition without permission” and “carrying a firearm in public without a necessary and appropriate reason.”

Subsequently, Thanachai was handed over to the competent investigation officer at Sai Mai Police Station, where further legal proceedings would determine his fate in the wake of this disconcerting encounter, reported Khaosod.

The tragic shooting which claimed the lives of two women at the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok sparked public concern over how a young man could obtain firearms.

More startling was the discovery of a trove of guns and ammunition at the young man’s residence, along with videos of him expertly demonstrating gun use. This incident has raised questions about the ease of gun ownership in the country. Read more about this story HERE

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