Bangkok child rescue: 8-year-old escapes brutal treatment

A shocking incident unfolded in Bangkok as an 8 year old child was rescued and immediately placed in a children’s home following harsh treatment by his grandmother. The child was reportedly forced to starve and eventually driven out of the house. The authorities also revealed the boy’s 10 year old sister is still living with the grandmother, whose fate remains uncertain.

The case unravelled when Chalida Palamart, also known as Ton Or from the Pen Nueng Foundation, along with officials from the Department of Children and Youth, visited a residence in Soi Nuanchan 9. They were there to investigate and assist an 8 year old child whose situation had been posted on Facebook.

The post detailed the child’s plight; with a father imprisoned, the child lived with a grandmother who was unwilling to provide care. The child was allegedly beaten, denied food, and eventually forced to flee and live on the streets.

Chalida, accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, managed to locate the child at a house across the floating bridge in Soi Prasert Manukitch 34. Today, Chalida handed the child over to officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. They then proceeded to Kok Kham police station. Upon arrival, the child appeared frightened and revealed that the grandmother had kicked him out of the house and beaten him, leading to his current homeless state.

As an immediate measure, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security decided to take the child to the Khok Kram Police Station to register the day’s events and then to the Bangkok Children and Family Home for care and protection. The child was described as intelligent and deserving of a chance at further education.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that his10 year old sister still lives with the grandmother. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will coordinate and take necessary action regarding this situation, reported KhaoSod.

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