Bail denied for delivery rider who sexually assaulted 6 year old girl (video)

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Police arrested a food delivery rider for sexually assaulting a six year old girl at the Saen Saeb Canal pier in Soi Ekkamai 30 in Bangkok on March 15.

The mother of the six year old victim shared CCTV footage of the suspect with Amarin TV on March 18. The mother told the media that the incident took place near her home in Soi Ekkamai 30 at about 11.22pm on March 15.

The mother clarified that she was a food vendor and had been attending to her customers when the incident occurred. She left her daughter alone to ride her bicycle in the community before she returned home frightened, saying a man took off her pants and took pictures of her naked.

The mother said she was shocked by the information and immediately checked CCTV cameras around the community until she found the suspect, a male food delivery rider.

The mother filed a complaint at Khlongton Police Station officers but blamed herself for her recklessness in putting her daughter in danger.

The CCTV footage clearly captured the rider’s identity and his perverse behaviour. The man was seen parking his motorcycle in front of a house in the area and asking the girl, who was riding her bike in the area, to come closer and talk to him.

Bail denied

The man later carried the girl to a pier along the Saen Saeb Canal. He was seen taking off his pants and the girl’s before sexually assaulting her and taking pictures of his actions.

The man took the girl back to where he parked the motorcycle. The girl rushed back home while the man quickly fled the scene.

Police managed to identify the rider as 43 year old Anurak and arrested him at his workplace in the On Nut neighbourhood of Bangkok yesterday, March 18. Anurak refused to apologise to the girl and her family and refused to answer questions from reporters.

Police reported that Anurak was charged with three offences including:

  • Section 277 of the Criminal Law: sexually assaulting a minor under 13 years old. The penalty is imprisonment from seven to 20 years and a fine from 140,000 to 400,000 baht, or life imprisonment.
  • Section 279 of the Criminal Law: committing indecent acts against a minor under 13 years old. The penalty is imprisonment from one to 10 years, a fine from 20,000 to 200,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 319 of the Criminal Law of taking away children aged over 15 but less than 18 years old from their parents or guardians for sexual purposes. The penalty will be imprisonment for two to 10 years and a fine of 40,000 to 100,000 baht.

Police did not allow bail or temporary release as an offence against a minor is considered a serious case. He was held at the police station and is expected to be transferred to the Bangkok South Criminal Court by tomorrow, March 20.

The victim’s mother reported that the girl showed no signs of concern as she was too young to realise what had happened to her. A child welfare specialist would join the police officers in a questioning to talk to the girl in more detail.

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