Down under failure: Adult creators reveal Aussie men’s bedroom blunders

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Four Australian adult video creators have shared their frustrations about common sexual misconceptions and mistakes made by men, particularly highlighting that men often rush through intimate moments. According to a report by the New York Post, these women agree that men tend to be too quick during sex.

A 31 year old woman named Alicia Davis stated that Australian men are quite self-centred when it comes to sex. They often focus on finishing rather than engaging with their partner or paying attention to small details that could enhance the experience.

Davis noted that the lack of concern for a woman’s satisfaction is a recurring issue. She even mentioned that spending time in bed with European men is a more fulfilling experience.

“Whenever I’m with Irish or British men, they are more talkative and seductive. It makes a world of difference.”

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Similarly, 26 year old Annie Knight, who previously went viral for revealing she had slept with 300 men over the past 12 months, confirmed that Australian men tend to have sex just to get it over with. She explained that they don’t understand that you need to take it slow, starting with kisses and gentle touches.

Kay Manuel also spoke candidly, saying that Australian men are often in a hurry to reach the finish line.

“This rush can lead women to fake it because they don’t want to bruise their partner’s ego and aim to please men who don’t put in enough effort. In reality, it makes the entire experience worse.”

Katya Cortez touched on the issue of men’s impatience during sex. She mentioned that men often think women can reach orgasm on command.

“I’m not sure how men think we can automatically achieve it after just ten seconds, and then they ask if I’m done!”

By sharing their insights, these women hope to encourage a more thoughtful approach to intimacy, where both partners can enjoy and appreciate the experience fully, reported Sanook.

Meanwhile, give Aussie men a boomerang swerve and try some British and Irish prime beef.

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