Americans’ top 3 festive escapes: Italy, Japan, and Thailand take the lead

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Italy reigns supreme as the ultimate festive haven, clocking in nearly 93,000 average searches from September to December this year.

An ever-popular year-round destination, Italy transforms into a winter wonder with charming markets, exceptional skiing facilities, and high-altitude luxury in the Italian Alps – a must-visit for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Taking an unexpected second place is Japan, with 33,275.49 average searches. Despite the chilly temperatures ranging from 37°F to 54°F, Japan’s blend of ancient traditions and modern festivities, set against serene winter landscapes and vibrant city lights, creates a unique and captivating holiday atmosphere.

In an intriguing third place is Thailand, with almost 23,000 average searches. Could it be the allure of an unconventional Christmas on the beach, with December temperatures soaring to a warm 88°F? Thailand’s tropical charm, warm hospitality, beautiful beaches, and cultural richness offer an unexpectedly popular choice for Americans seeking a break from tradition.

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Further down the festive ladder, Greece claims the fourth spot, enticing with 12,293.11 average searches from September to December. Meanwhile, Aruba secures the fifth position with 11,096.67 average searches, reported Travel Daily Media.

Top 10 most popular Christmas destinations for Americans
State Average Search Volume Rank
Italy 92,969 1
Japan 33,275 2
Thailand 22,933 3
Greece 12,293 4
Aruba 11,097 5
Hawaii 8,868 6
Germany 8,094 7
Jamaica 7,320 8
Cuba 6,885 9
Mexico 6,536 10

Table from Travel Daily Media

Gavin Glick, spokesperson for StoryBoards, shared insights into the findings.

“Is there anything better than taking a break during the winter holidays to spend some time for yourself or with your family? Probably not, and Americans know it well, as during the last few months many have looked online for information regarding travels abroad to spend the most magical time of the year away from home. As the data indicates, Italy, Japan, and Thailand seem to be the most popular destinations for the distinct and diverse holiday experiences these countries offer, which may differ greatly from what one’s used to at home, but which makes the experience even more worth living.”

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