Adoptive father found dead and buried at his home near Bangkok

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The adoptive father of a woman was discovered dead and buried at his house located in Nonthaburi province, which is near Bangkok. The individual responsible for the murder is suspected to be the victim’s employee, who fled the location upon the arrival of the woman and her relatives.

The victim was identified as a 53 year old Bangkok Bank manager Rojnaruebet Hatsadindejdamrong. He was found buried at his house in the Sai Noi district of Nonthaburi province. Rojnaruebet was naked and no wounds were visible on his body. His corpse is under autopsy to determine the cause of his death.

The adoptive daughter, nephew, and niece of the victim initiated a search for Rojnaruebet when they received notification from Bangkok Bank that he had not been attending work, which was out of character for him.

The victim’s 26 year old niece, Piyakorn, recounted to Channel 3 the events leading up to the discovery of Rojnaruebet’s body. Piyakorn had been attempting to contact Rojnaruebet since Saturday, April 15, but was unsuccessful. She, along with the victim’s nephew and adoptive daughter, visited his residence at approximately 3pm the following day to search for him. Upon arrival, they encountered Rojnaruebet’s employee, Thatsapong Supromin, who claimed that Rojnaruebet was not present because he was visiting a friend in the Silom area of Bangkok.

Thatsapong left the location at the same time as their arrival and locked the front gate before departing. Although everyone was suspicious of Thatsapong’s behaviour, no one dared to confront him due to the fear of potential violence. Before leaving, he said…

“See you at the police station.”

After being unable to enter the house due to a locked front gate, Piyakorn enlisted the assistance of a resident to break the lock. Upon entering the residence, a strong odour was detected emanating from the backyard, prompting them to investigate.

Blood stains and a pile of soil and rocks were discovered, and upon digging, Rojnaruebet’s lifeless body was found wrapped in a plastic bag. Nearby, there was a plate of mango and burning incense, which appeared to be an offering of some kind.

Piyakorn disclosed that Thatsapong was previously employed to maintain the residence, but was terminated due to his struggles with alcoholism. She suspects that Thatsapong was enraged with Rojnaruebet and committed the murder. Additionally, Thatsapong pilfered some belongings from the house before his departure.

Security camera footage in the house revealed Thatsapong’s disturbing behaviour. He was seen walking back and forth in front of the house and shouting…

“We should respect each other like a man! Do not look down at each other! I can kill. I killed. I made a perfect kill. I am the best killer! You cannot say a word because you are in the bag.”

Following an investigation, officers from Sai Noi Police Station reported that Thatsapong fled the scene in a pink taxi, heading towards the Bang Bua Thong district in Nonthaburi. The police are reviewing CCTV footage along the roads in the area to track him down.

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