20 baht notes printed with errors, says Bank of Thailand

A batch of 20 baht banknotes have been printed with errors, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) said yesterday. The BoT said the Thai numerals were printed mismatching the Arabic numerals.

People can still use the misfit banknotes until they are fully removed from the system, Thai media said.

The company De La Rue (DLR) International Limited said that there was an error in the production process that prevented the misprint from being detected. The BOT and DLR are now investigating the cause of the problem.

Meanwhile, the central bank is speeding up the removal of misprinted banknotes from circulation. The BOT said that people can still legally use banknotes to pay debts. They can also still use them at commercial banks, and various financial institutions.

Around the world, some people collect misprinted banknotes due to how rare they are. For these collectors, the crazier the error, the better. Who knows, maybe some collectors in Thailand will keep their misprinted banknotes.

SOURCE: Sanook

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Tara Abhasakun

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