12 Thai women fear being sued by the wife of a love rat who seduced them

Twelve Thai women fear they are going to be sued by the wife of a charming love rat who conned them into a sexual relationship.

The 12 women, aged between 40 – 60 years old, have approached a lawyer for advice after discovering a man they met on social media is married.

The 60 year old man, named Pu, told the women he was the managing director of a Japanese company in Thailand. He created eight Facebook accounts, four Instagram accounts, and three Line accounts to lure the women into a sexual relationship. Single moms were his target. After he got what he wanted, he would disappear like a ghost.

The cheater’s antics came to light after one 56 year old woman became disgruntled, revealing how she had been badly treated by the man in a Facebook post. The post caught the attention of the other 11 women who had also suffered at the adulterer’s hands.

The 56 year old victim, Noo Ya, said she met the man on Facebook. He told her he had divorced his wife eight years ago and wanted to have a serious relationship with her.

Noo Ya admitted the relationship went well in the beginning but Pu wanted to keep the relationship a secret. He told her not to discuss their relationship with his brother. But she posted about her relationship on social media, which made the man angry so he ended the relationship.

Noo Ya revealed that the other women came forward after she had posted the story and told her that the same man had cheated on them. They all agreed to end their relationships with the serial philanderer.

Thai lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakhon reported yesterday that he had been approached by representatives of the women at his office in the central province of Nontha Buri. He said the women were scared of being sued by his first and legal wife. Fines between 500,000 baht to 5,000,000 have been issued in the past, depending on a woman’s status.

Noo Ya said she wanted to apologise to Pu’s wife and explain how all the women accidentally became his mistress without being aware of it. She added she understood how hurt the wife must be discovering that her husband is untrustworthy.

Ratchapon suggested each woman should file a separate complaint to the police. According to Thai law, the first and legal wife can sue a mistress who had an affair with her husband. However, the charge would be dismissed if the mistress could prove she was lured into the relationship.

SOURCE: Sanook

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