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Thai Navy SEAL video reveals rescue method

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In the days leading up to the eventual evacuation of the Mu Pa team members from Tham Luang caves we were told that the teenagers were being taught to swim and dive in preparation for their arduous trek out of the cave, much of it underwater. This was reported by The Thaiger as well.

Following the release of a Thai Navy SEAL video it appears that the plans may have changed along the way and that some at least, if not all, were moved along in stretches, sedated to a greater or lesser extent.

A diver who spoke to The Thaiger on condition of anonymity, says that the plan changed in the days before the evacuation as medics and divers working with the team evolved the plan to meet the 1) urgency and 2) best outcome for the team members.

Commander Chaiyananta Peeranarong, told AFP yesterday that the boys were “sleeping or partially-conscious as they were passed from diver to diver through the cave.”

In the Thai Navy SEAL video some of the young rescuees can clearly be seen conscious as they were taken out on rescue stretchers. The video is also an indication of the many, many brave and skilled people inside the caves working as part of a highly co-ordinated rescue.


According to our informant, there were doctors waiting along the route, sometimes as close as 200 metres apart where possible, as ‘triage’ stage where the progress of the boy’s health could be checked along the way. The risk of the boys panicking during extended periods of the dives through the muddy cave waters was a major consideration as the plans evolved.

A BBC report, citing ‘sources in the rescue operation’ said…

They were then strapped to one of two rescue divers tasked with shepherding each boy through the underwater parts of the system, and bundled into stretchers to be carried through the dry parts.

Divers didn’t divulge details of the risky rescue mission because they were 100% focussed on making the plan work as well as the difficulty of communicating what they were doing to the media, according to our source.

There will be a media briefing on the full rescue at some stage where the full details will be revealed.

Watch the full Navy SEAL rescue video HERE.

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Chiang Rai

Unsworth sues Musk over ‘pedo’ slur

The Thaiger



The British cave expert who was part of the international rescue team helping to bring the 13 Mu Pa footballers out of the Tham Luang caves in July, has sued Tesla founder Elon Musk for calling him a "pedo guy" and a "child rapist", amongst other insults in a series of Tweets."

The defamation suit has been filed in LA by Vernon Unsworth after the very public spat between the two. It followed Musk travelling to Thailand and offering to assist in rescue efforts. He brought along a 'mini submarine' and showed it to the local rescuers who dismissed it as inappropriate for the rescue at hand.

Unsworth described Musk's effort as a "PR stunt". Musk fired back on Twitter by calling Unsworth a "pedo guy," a slur referring to Unsworth as being a pedophile. The assertions were without any basis in fact.

Musk, the tech guru behind Tesla and private space firm SpaceX, apologised days later. Investors in his business ventures called him ou...
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Chiang Rai Governor Prajon hosts seminar to develop SEZs in northern Thailand

The Thaiger



PHOTO: Chiang Rai Times

Chiang Rai Governor Prajon Prachsakul presided over the opening of the Special Economic Zone Policy Committee seminar held at the Teak Garden Resort. The seminar was designed to mobilise the development of special economic zones and promote public participation in the northern province project.

According to the Chiang Rai Times, Governor Prajon told attendees that the Committeee wants special economic zones to be established in Mae Sai, Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong districts - right on the border of Thailand’s neighboring countries with potential to become gateways to the Chinese market.

Governor Prajon claims farmers’ unwillingness to give up their farmlands and their demand for expensive compensation in exchange for land reclamation was making it impossible to set up the special economic zones (SEZs) over the past three years. Provincial officials had already been in discussions with Ministry of the Inte...
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Chiang Rai

Police in Phayao chase an ambulance loaded with illicit drugs

The Thaiger & The Nation



A dramatic chase in Phayao’s Dok Khamtai district last night (Sunday) has resulted in police seizing half a million methamphetamine pills, a large amount of crystal methamphetamine and ketamine... from an ambulance.

The twist is that the ambulance was being used by the drug-trafficking gang as a cover-up for their operation.

The Nation reports that Phayao police were alerted at 8.30pm by the Provincial Police Region 5’s narcotics suppression team, which had tailed two suspicious vehicles – a van followed by an ambulance – from Chiang Rai into Phayao.

They were asked to provide back-up as the suspects, realising they were being followed, had tried to flee their pursuers.

Local police quickly set up along the expected escape route, spotted the two target vehicles in Soi Sri Samran, and tried to flag them down for questioning. The two vehicles, far from slowing down, sped up instead.

The then tried ...
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